“Trying is only emphazising the thing we know already”

-F. M. Alexander

“I started being interested in the Alexander Technique 17 years ago. Back then, I searched for anything that could boost my confidence and help me to be better equipped to overcame stress and anxiety from acting to public speaking courses. However, it was the Alexander Technique that captivated my attention and interest. “

Immediately after I started having private lessons, I felt lighter, more aware of myself and less anxious. In the beginning, these effects only lasted a few minutes after the lesson. Through persistence and dedication, I discovered that this new way of perceiving myself can be turned into a belief which is more permanent. This discovery made me realise that this was what I wanted to do in life – helping other people shift their perceptions and beliefs to improve their lives.

Before my Alexander Technique discovery, I studied business and completed a Master’s degree in Marketing, followed by MBA in London. I have also been a partner in a family business for several years now. Family businesses can be quite intense at times, especially during decision making. I was always fascinated how Alexander Technique can be so useful when it comes to challenging situations. Although Alexander Tech-nique did not solve all my problems, it prevented me from amplifying them. It equipped me with a practical tool which allows me to sit and go through difficult is-sues, without losing myself.

STAT Member

After learning as much as I could in 10 years of private sessions, I finally enrolled in the training course in 2010. I studied for the period of three years until certification and became an accredited Alexander Technique Teacher.

I am a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) in the United Kingdom. I have been teaching the Alexander Technique to students who want to become teachers of the Alexander Technique at Alexander Technique Training School (ATTS) in London for four years. I also teach privately in Central London in the Marylebone area, organised few workshops in Portugal and co-presented others in London. My interest is to give private sessions to anyone who would like to experiment the Technique.


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Assistant Teacher at the BBC Studios – resident singers 2018


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Introduction of the Alexander Technique at Escola Superior de Artes do Porto (ESAP) 2016


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