My view on A.T

The Alexander Technique is a method that throws the spotlight on unnecessary tension in all activities of life. So many people are unaware of bad habits they have developed in the way they use themselves. This leads to all sorts of psycho-physical pains.

The Technique amplifies our awareness of how we use our bodies, and by then we start noticing the interference of these bad habits by preventing them to interfere with our use: shortness of breath, tight shoulders, painful lower back, permanent tiredness, quick fits of temperament, accelerated heart bit to name a few.


We can all learn how to deal with these habits and generate more freedom within ourselves; a bit more ease, a state of balance in our daily activities, and an increasing vitality and wellbeing. For that to happen, we start by understanding that we do not have a body separated from a mind. Everything we do in our daily lives is translated into mental and physical, not separately but as a whole. Everything… even the simple act of “thinking” as not only a mental element, but also a physical one.


During a session, through the Teacher’s hands-on guidance and verbal instructions, we learn how to stop those habitual patterns of reactions. We can explore what we do to ourselves and change the habits that are harmful, allowing us to live our lives with better quality.

This simple and subtle change in the way you use yourself can bring profound benefits to all parts of your life.


The Alexander Technique is taught at most music and drama schools, as well as many large corporations, as it is famous for its ability to help with the following:

  • neck and shoulder problems including migraines and RSI
  • poise, posture and general self-awareness
  • pain associated with an old injury
  • stress and tension
  • breathing and voice problems
  • pregnancy and birth
  • greater ease and movement in walking, running & swimming
  • balance and co ordination